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Pitcher Rhino Coffee Gear 600ml

Rhino Coffee Gear is an American company that pays a lot of attention to the problems and needs of the barista at work, and makes really high-quality and professional coffee accessories.

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Pitcher for milk from the American company Rhino Coffee Gear will be a great solution both for professional use and for amateurs. Main properties:

  • Precision spout for latte art
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Engraved scale in milliliters and ounces
  • Commercial grade stainless steel (1mm)
  • 360/600/950 ml pitchers are available

It is impossible to imagine the life of a barista and a coffee shop in general without a pitcher for milk. The optimal volume, the correct thickness of the walls and the shape of the spout – all this plays an extremely important role. For a real barista, the main thing is that all the tools he uses are of high quality and convenient, serve him for a long time. A good example of quality is the Rhino Coffee Gear milk pitcher, or as it is otherwise called a jug (English jug — “jug, vessel”), which refers to professional barista tools. Almost all types of coffee are prepared with its help. This type of pitcher for milk allows the barista to prepare delicious cappuccino, latte and many other coffee drinks. For people who love coffee, coffee making is an art that requires professionalism, perfect knowledge and attention and love for details.

The shape and size of the pitcher is of particular importance in the preparation of coffee. The most common volume is from 150 ml to 1 liter. Pitchers for milk with a volume of 350 ml and 500 ml are most often chosen. The milk pitcher from Rhino Coffee Gear has three volumes: 360,600,960ml. Thanks to them, you can prepare up to two or three coffee drinks. Pitchers for milk with a volume of 1 liter have also become popular. as they can whip up milk for three or four drinks, and this makes it possible to serve a larger number of people in a shorter period of time.

Experts claim that the shape of the spout plays a leading role in choosing a pitcher for milk. To make a beautiful and neat drawing on coffee, you need the spout to be sharp and narrow. It will create a thin trickle of milk that will look beautiful in your cup. We also advise you to choose a milk pitcher with a convenient handle, which will be easy to use and will be comfortable to hold in your hand.