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Термо-графін HARIO V60 600мл

Thermo-decanter HARIO V60 stainless steel, thermos with double wall, volume – 600 ml, color – Red

1,100 UAH.

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HARIO V60 server stainless steel, thermos with a double wall of 600 ml appeared in late 2017 and immediately became popular.

The fact that this server does not beat like its glass counterparts, allows you to use it for a very long time, and save your family budget, or the budget of a cafe or restaurant.

The pressure valve allows to pour coffee without heat loss.

Thermal stability in the laboratory determined heat loss during the first hour -6 degrees. From 95C degrees during the first hour the temperature dropped to 89C degrees, and to 40C degrees the temperature dropped after 8 hours. Therefore, this thermo-decanter can keep the heat of freshly brewed coffee for up to 8 hours, which will satisfy you throughout the day.

Plastic and metal are made in China (on the plastic you can see the inscription made in China) at the HARIO factory. But still everything is assembled only in Japan, passes quality control, and the barcode of the product is unchanged, 497 …. which means made in Japan.