Honduras Drip Box 10+1

Rwanda Drip Box
Flavoring properties: dried red apple, caramel, dark raisins, hazelnut
Roasting: filter
Ingredients: 11 dpips of 10 g. in each sachet
Inside each package – 100% Arabica.
All you need for cooking is hot water and your favorite cup.

270 UAH.

- +

10+1 drip bags

Method of cooking:
Tear off the tape and place the filter in the cup.
Pour 30 g of water into the filter and wait 30 seconds.
After, pour a whole filter of water (another 150 g) and let it drain.
When the water runs out, remove the filter and enjoy the coffee.
Brewing temperature: 95 – 98 degrees
Output: 150 – 180 ml.