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Honduras Ana 250g

Coffee Honduras Ana, washed processing method, espresso roast

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About coffee

Country of origin: Honduras

Region: Copan

Variety: Caturra

Height: 1200m

Processing method: Washed

Taste profile: red fruits, cacao, dried fruits

Roast: espresso

Coffee beans Honduras Ana – a valuable lot, with an incredible palette of flavors. This is not surprising, because coffee beans were grown and carefully cared for in Honduras in the Copan region.

The height of this species of Arabica reaches 1200 m. Among the taste of these coffee beans are pronounced notes of red fruits, cocoa and dried fruits. Honduras Ana coffee beans undergo washing processing and have the main purpose of cleaning the beans from the pulp immediately after harvesting.

After processing, the coffee beans are dried on the patio under the sun until the moisture content in the kernels is 12%. After processing, the grain is placed in bags and kept in parchment for one to two months in order to exchange moisture. Before sending for export, the kernels are cleaned using a haller. Green grain is packed in 69-kg jute bags with GrainPro protection.

The country of Honduras is well suited for growing coffee. We visited this country three times, and established friendships with Donaldo Gonsales Fialos, head of the Aruko cooperative in the Copan region. The soil, the climate and the conditions and the diligence of the workers of the Aruko cooperative give a very excellent result and we get the best and highest quality varieties of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee “Honduras Ana Fabryka Kavy” comes from one of Aruko’s farms. Ana Cecilia Estevez, the owner of the farm, loves her work very much, the coffee beans from her farms are some of the best in the region, that’s why we named this lot “Fabryka Kavy Honduras Ana”.

At this stage, we roast coffee beans for espresso, paying attention to every detail. We offer guests of our coffee shops and coffee shops-partners freshly roasted coffee beans, the beans of which we choose ourselves on the farms of Central America. Coffee beans have a long and difficult way so that our guests can always enjoy fresh Arabica in our coffee shops.

You can buy coffee beans Honduras Ana 250g at the best price at the Fabryka Kavy Roastery in Cherkasy. We accept bulk orders for grain coffee and deliver throughout Ukraine. A 20% discount applies to coffee orders from 1 kg. You can order 100% Arabica beans on our website or by calling +380938909898